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CYCJET Laser Coding Machine is a traditional laser marking system for the product which can marking online, or the quantity less no need online marking. Include different laser type, for example Fiber Laser, CO2 Laser, UV Laser, Green Laser, Mopa Laser and other special laser. It cam satisfy many material marking, such as plastic pipe, plastic bags, woods, metals, glasses, electric cables, PET Bottle, Plastic Food Package, Alum Package, Cigarette Box, Medicine box, Cookie Box, Tins etc.

Because of the compact design, it can fixed at office, shop. Ideal for the customer who only need less quantity marking, such as handicraft shop, Jewelry Shop, Food shop, Hardware factory, Electronic component factory, Power switch factory. The operator can design the information based on their creative idea or the industrial standard.

As a professional laser coding machine manufacturer and solution supplier, CYCJET can accept different requirement and design the unique machine to satisfy customer demands.


CYCJET laser marking machine, widely used in plastic pipe, electric cable, food package, automotive manufacturing, metal, mold manufacturing. Laser marking is a non-contact marking, no need ink, solvent, cleaner. Mark speed fast, clear and beautiful. The coding is a permanent marking, can not erase and fake after long time storage. It can effectively reduce the machine operation cost and its pollution to the environment by not using ink. Therefore, our products can meet people’s needs for protecting the environment.