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CYCJET Handheld Laser Marker is a special designed equipment for the heavy product which can not remove by human hands or conveyor belt. For example steel stick, steel plate, auto parts, molding, tires, some bigger machinery etc.

The handheld laser marking machine can print different information on the surface, such as digits, logo, Barcode, QR Code, Serial No, Date & Time. Because the weight is less, so the operator can move it to any place, and finish the marking job, even the space is narrow.

The handheld laser printer widely used in tire industry, whatever tire manufacturer or distributor, they can track the tire information through QR Code or DM Code. For example manufacture date, distributor region, tire model no and size etc. It can supply more option to the management to control their system or channel.

Also, the laser equipment running cost is low, it only need the power supply to work, can save lot of cost than Inkjet printer or other marking system.

uchang’s handheld laser marking machine is commonly praised in the market due to good management. Yuchang’s portable laser marking aterials, fine workmanship, reliable quality, and favorable price. Yuchang sets up an excellent R&D and design team according to customers’ needs, we could quickly design suitable solutions for different needs.


CYCJET Handheld Laser Printer is suitable for metals, Car & Truck Tyres, plastic, electronic components, electrical products, and other high-end products of precision, fine logo printing. Our products are designed with good software and high-speed hardware to support high-quality marking.Besides, every Handheld Laser Printer has a friendly operate interface, so it is easy to edit message set parameters for marking.