What Is the Inkjet Printer Used For?

The inkjet printer mainly refers to the automatic coding equipment represented by small characters inkjet printing machine. The mainstream application scenarios are integrated use in the production vehicle factory and the workshop assembly line. In the process of product production, key information such as production date, shelf life and expiration date are stamped on the product or on the label.


Another mainstream type of inkjet printer is integrated in automation equipment, as shown in the figure below, inkjet code is performed on the entire tray of eggs, including the conveyor belts, mobile devices, and motion control, through software control, precise positioning and coding can be achieved, and various complex marking scenarios can be completed to more efficiently realize the work of assigning codes for each product.


In today’s market, in addition to small portable handheld inkjet printers, the main types of inkjet printers are divided into two categories:


  1. Inkjet printer, non-contact coding on products, is suitable for many industries, including the common food, beverages, wires, cables, electronic products can see the printing effect of ink dot matrix or printing type.


  1. Laser marking machines have three main types of light source equipment: CO2 laser printer, fiber laser printer, and UV laser printer. They are suitable for different materials, including non-metal, plastic, polymer materials, etc., which can form permanent marks and have anti-counterfeiting functions.


As a traditional coding tool, inkjet printer is actually a very unpopular word. Many college students and even middle-aged people who have worked for many years will not understand the meaning and significance of “jet printer” without understanding.


There are more possibilities on the road of giving product identification and marking more value, such as through the integration of diversified product lines, the integration of automated production line transformation capabilities, and the development and compatibility of software to form a joint force to help production, processing and manufacturing enterprises and brands carry out better product identification and value enhancement.


From the beginning, the content of numbers, English, Chinese, LOGO graphics, etc. has been continuously extended, and the form has also been extended to barcodes, QR codes and other information types. It contains more meanings and possibilities, builds a bridge of communication between consumers and brands, and makes trust easier.


Through the analysis of the above three points, everyone must have their own understanding of the “jet printer” and know what it is used for. Yes, it is an ordinary inkjet equipment that gives product identification and value to the identification.

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