What Are the Characteristics and Functions of Small Character Inkjet Printers?

Small Character Inkjet Printer

The small character inkjet printer is one of the most widely used marking equipment in the market, amongst other types of inkjet printers. Non-contact high-speed coding is used in many fast-moving consumer goods, food, daily chemicals, medicines, building materials, and other industries, and has made important contributions to product identification. In the changing time, CYCJET will show you the innovations in the characteristics and functions of small character inkjet printers.

Small Character Inkjet Printer

  1. The uniqueness of the small character inkjet printer is an important guarantee for its longevity.

With the popularity of marking applications, many old customers in CYCJET will ask us a question; “Can our factory(s) use laser marking machines which can replace the original CIJ inkjet printers?

Under normal circumstances, simple application scenarios can be replaced. However, in some special application scenarios, they are still irreplaceable. Let’s take an example to illustrate;

The marking equipment used in cable factories is still dominated by small character inkjet printers or microcharacter inkjet printers. According to different cable thicknesses and speeds; configuration may vary. Due to this particularity of the cable material, the use of laser machines often cannot achieve high-contrast identification information and the results may not be as good as ink jet printers in terms of recognition effect.

In addition, some manufacturers of photoelectric power plants, 3C products, PCB circuit boards and other products, if the thermal burning of the laser machine is used, the surface of the product can be damaged, which may lead to abnormal product performance or quality. It can be targeted to determine whether the industrial small character inkjet printer can be replaced with a laser machine.

Furthermore, in many food manufacturers, the surface of the product is not completely flat, and the product packaging materials are various. If it is replaced by a laser machine, some products will not be able to complete the coding work, which is unacceptable for the factory.

Small Character Inkjet Printing Machine

  1. The cost of using small character inkjet printing machine is decreasing year by year, which has also become a part of its competitiveness.

Different from the starting price of 30,000 or 40,000 for the laser printer, the starting price of the small character inkjet printer with black ink is often more than doubled. For some factories that are not very strong, the cost of equipment procurement is also an important factor that cannot be ignored.

In addition, the small character inkjet printer has richer case implementation experience, which can quickly prove its feasibility and availability to customers, reducing unnecessary trial and error costs for customers.

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