What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of PCB QR Code Printer?

Inkjet Printing Machine

There exist various multiple scenarios where QR code inkjet printers are applied on PCB circuit boards; whether it is to replace ET stamping, quality trace-ability, or AOI testing. Amongst all of them, small character inkjet printers and laser printers are the main ones. Today, I will share with you the advantages and disadvantages of PCB QR code inkjet printers.

When it comes to the analysis of the pros and cons; we must first and foremost classify them by their category, and the results of comparative analysis in one dimension are more valuable.

Advantages of PCB QR code inkjet printing machine:

It codes effects in the form of dot matrix, non-contact printing method, compact body, which can be flexibly integrated in various production line equipment. This does not occupy space in the factory, nor does it further the burden of work onto additional personnel.

It also supports 60-bit variable numbers, English language, and character transmission; supporting continuous coding of database format files and documents as well as the common two-dimensional code form of QR\DATA codes. The operation is also user friendly and quick to use.

Inkjet Printing Machine

Disadvantages of PCB QR code inkjet printing machine:

It needs to use inkjet printer consumables, including ink, solvent, cleaning agent, etc., costs for which, are high and create a certain degree of pollution in the environment over extended hours of use. After the printing onto the circuit boards after applying the solvent, post alcohol scrubbing and a lot of friction, there will also be a risk of obscurity and erasure.

Advantages of PCB QR code laser marking machine:

There is no need for any consumables, as it can be used by directly plugging it in and comes with good stability. Taking the CO2 laser coding equipment, as an example, can be used for more than 40,000 hours without failure, which can fully meet the high-intensity working environment needs of PCB circuit boards.

The cost of operation is lower, and the environmental protection aspect is more in place. There is no need to use any coding consumables either. For circuit boards, there is no risk of conduction and pollution; which make it more suitable with the long-term interests of the PCB factory brand.

The degree of intelligence is also higher and the industrial environment based on the WINDOWS CE system is conducive to our later expansion and system integration. This can complete some complex and high-precision marking requirements, helping the digital transformation and upgrading of PCB factories.

PCB Circuit Boards

Disadvantages of PCB QR code laser marking machine:

In some application scenarios, some high-end, high value-added circuit boards have higher requirements for appearance. After the quality inspection is completed, the marking needs to be removed. If it is a laser printer, it cannot be removed, which will affect the aesthetics and integrity of the subsequent products, and will have a certain adverse effect on sales.

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