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In our day-to-day lives, we are basically inseparable and attached when it comes to items like packaging bags, which need to be marked with important information such as a brand and its product’s text information such as production date, ingredients and last but definitely not least; its shelf life.

In the traditional process, the ink used for printing onto perishable items is usually done on the sides or back of the packages; marking only the most necessary of information such as their production date, best before date, batch number and sometimes the production location information; such as seen on products such as dairies including milk cartons, ice creams and yoghurt pots, bread packages, biscuit packages and soft drink pet bottles.

The way it is usually done is via ink spraying, which is very easy to rub out and not a very permanent or fool-proof way. This means that co-workers or staff working in a supermarket or convenience store who are not careful may or may not indirectly rub out the ink accidentally while handling the respective product. This may not be done with any necessary malicious intent in mind, yet this can seriously end up getting the brand sued in the case of a customer buying a faulty product due to carelessness – and THAT right there, is no joke.

With the advancement of science and technology; the advent of UV laser marking machines has made up for these shortcomings by a large margin. This covers the entire application range as far as inkjet machines are concerned. Laser coding equipment are no longer simply used for marking product dates and batch numbers but so much more. The equipment itself has a unique visual and tactile appeal, with the characteristics and specialty of permanent marking as well as strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling technology – making it the best there is. These are mainly used for online coding and marking on the outer surfacing of the packaging of the various products we mentioned before.

Laser & Inkjet Coder

Worlds apart from the traditional laser printers that are only capable of marking stationary objects; while in the process of laser coding, the product line flows continuously on the assembly line, which improves efficiency in production, and makes the UV laser coder meet the necessary requirements needed for optimal industrial production.

The advantages of UV laser printer on packaging bags are as follows:

  1. UV lasers not only have a great beam quality, but also have a smaller focusing spot and can result in ultra-fine marking over a wide range of applications.
  2. Due to the small focusing spot and the small processing heat-affected zone, the ultraviolet laser rays perform ultra-fine marking and special material marking tactics. It is the first and obvious choice when dealing with customers who have higher requirement needs for their respective products.
  3. Ultraviolet lasers have a tinier heat-affected area with no thermal effect and no material scorching problems; giving way to fast marking speeds with high efficiency and stable performance of the whole machine overall, producing small sized printing with low power consumption and other various minor, but necessary advantages.
  4. In addition to copper materials included, UV lasers are also suitable for a wide range of materials that could use the same printing tactics and requirements.
  5. The spatial controllability and time controllability of the laser are excellent, giving users the freedom of the material shape, size and processing environment of the object if it is very large; especially for automatic processing and special surface processing methods and techniques.

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