Successful Application of CYCJET M Series Marking Machine in Tire Industry

With the increase in demand for performance in modern automobiles, tires are developing towards more high-tech and refined ones as well. As rubber products, car tires should of course, also have a production date or batch number to verify their age and other miscellaneous details like that.

According to our research, tires and other similar rubber products are usually marked with production dates for said tires, as well as their model numbers and specifications. This is especially convenient for customers who prioritize performance more than anything else – because aged and scuffed tires can affect that greatly. Automobile tires are, therefore, important parts related to safety, and there is a storage time according to regulations. Car owners should pay attention to two aspects of inspection when choosing to buy, one is to check the date of manufacture and the other is to check the appearance in time. Once bulges and cracks are found, replacements need to be done in time to prevent tire blowouts.

Let me share with you the case of the practical application of the M Series coding machine in the automobile tire industry:

  1. For tire leasing companies, the requirement is to mark the serial number and date on truck tires/car tires. The marking height is 15-25mm and the marking depth is about 1mm. It is hoped that the marking effect will still be clearly visible after use. It is convenient to manage the company’s rental tire replacement business.

Our M series mini handheld laser marking machine could achieve a max of 1mm marking depth. The marking depth could also be adjusted with different setting parameters, including marking speed, marking power, line space fill, marking times, etc. The marking area could be 100x100mm, suitable for all kinds of customers’ demands.

  1. For tire distributors, the requirement is to mark the QR code on the tires after installation. The machine type is handheld, easy to move, no need to load and unload tires, tire marking can be done at any time, and provide services for tire retreading factories and truck transportation departments, in order to realize the tracking control of the tire.
  1. Truck and bus tires print serial numbers for customers, print range is 50*200mm, print depth is 0.6-0.8mm, and it can be configured to print information at a fixed position on the conveyor line.

Our M series handheld laser marker could not only mark the simple logo, text, serial number, batch number, date, time, but also could mark QR code, bar code, etc.

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