The production procedure and testing process of CYCJET workshop for inkjet printers and laser marking machines

The production procedure and testing process of CYCJET workshop for inkjet printers and laser marking machines
To ensure the quality of the products, each production workshop must operate according to the correct production process and carry out step-by-step production. Of course, CYCJET’s production workshop is the same, they have a set of production processes suitable for inkjet printers and laser marking machines.

1. Organize orders. An orderly arrangement of existing orders is essential. First, the order of production orders must be scheduled according to the delivery date. Second, it is necessary to track the progress of the supply of the materials required by the order with the lead time in time. By understanding lead times for existing orders, the CYCJET team will draw up a one-month production plan and quickly communicate related work.
2. Make a plan. Before mass production is about to take place, the CYCJET team will check the availability of the required materials and tools two days in advance and carry out the relevant follow-up in time. First, understand the quality of the materials received and provide timely feedback to relevant staff. Second, according to the actual situation of materials on site, make any necessary adjustments to the production plan for this week. Finally, through understanding the relevant material supply schedule, the production plan for the next week is formulated.

3. Preparations. Before the machine is to be produced, CYCJET members will prepare a small amount of corresponding materials in advance for preparation. First of all, it is necessary to record the unsafe production situation in a timely manner and ask relevant personnel about the unsafe production situation to solve the problems faced in production in time. Second, estimate the problems that can occur in the production process and find solutions. Lastly, track the supply progress and related quality of the materials required to deliver the order products.

4. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN. At this time, the machine is about to start production. The CYCJET team will prepare the necessary tools for the production of products on the production line. Each production procedure has a corresponding responsible person, and each person involved in the production will be responsible for their own work to ensure the production of high-quality inkjet printing machines and laser marking equipment.
5. Continuous testing. Regardless of whether it is an inkjet printer or laser marking machine, as long as the production of the machine is completed, the CYCJET team will continue to test the machine for 3-5 days. Please let the machine work uninterruptedly within 24 hours, to ensure that the machine can work normally when it reaches customers, and there will be no poor quality problems.

Production work in accordance with correct production procedures is of great benefit to the company. On the one hand, it can play a role in strengthening supervision and improvement and promoting the formation of a virtuous circle mechanism within the company. On the other hand, it can improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and use funds effectively. More importantly, the delivery time of the product can be guaranteed to be within the delivery period specified in the order.

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