What is the brand of CYC and CYCJET?

Meaning of the company name:

Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai-based high-tech and industrial comprehensive enterprise that R&D portable inkjet coding and laser marking equipment to the world.

YU: means peace and harmony.
CHANG: means soft, durable;
Logo design ideas:

Since the company is headquartered in Shanghai and the concept of developing portable inkjet coding and laser marking devices for the world, that is why the icon follows the design of “CHINA YUCHANG“. That is, he chose three initials of “CYC” designed the logo (“C” is the first letter of “China“, “Y” is the initial letter of “YU“, and “C” is the initial letter of “Chang “).

The left part of the logo: “C” shaped, designed in the shape of a crescent, representing “China“;

The central part of the logo: it is part of the “Y“, the design will turn the “Y” into a hand shape, which means “YU” and “the people ofYUCHNAG “;

The right part of the logo: the shape of the “C“, designed like the shape of the sun, representing “Chang“;

The whole logo – that’s the shape of the earth – the world, three parts integrated into the circle, representing the idea of ​​the global development of YUCHANG company and people.
Based on the above ideas, we get “CYC” as a short name for “SHANGHAI YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED” and CYC brand “CYCJET“.
The metaphorical meaning of “CYCJET” and Logo:
Respect and abide by the laws of nature, the sun and the moon shone brightly on the earth, life and growth of nature. Under the guidance of the “CYCJET” development concept, all employees work happily and harmoniously, and the company develops smoothly and long-term.

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