Functions and Features of Handheld Inkjet Printers

Handheld inkjet printers are also called portable inkjet printers, which can be carried around for printing, light and simple to operate. The handheld inkjet printer is different from the online inkjet printer, and it is suitable for enterprises that do not require high production speed. Printing products need a certain size, there are various fonts such as solid, dot matrix, hollow body and colorful cloud body. It can be sprayed with trademark patterns, Chinese and English fonts, numbers, barcodes, and QR codes. The printing height is generally about 1-57mm, and different types of inkjet printers are suitable for different materials.


As a handheld inkjet printer with cheap price, simple operation and rich application functions, it is very important for customers to understand its functional positioning. Through the understanding of functional positioning, we can quickly judge whether the handheld inkjet printer is suitable for our own factory, whether it is suitable for the products produced, and whether it can carry out the marking work quickly and efficiently.


Analysis of the product positioning of handheld inkjet printing machine:


  1. Printing method.


The handheld machine is more suitable for coding on paper, carton, wood board, floor, pipe and other surface paper with large printing area and flat surface. During the printing process, it must be very close to the product, about within 5mm, and it needs to contact the surface of the product to make the synchronous wheel rotate to realize the coding. Compared with the online printing of small characters, there is a big difference.


  1. The price of ink.


The handheld machine does not need solvents or cleaning agents, which is a great saving compared to small character inkjet printers, but its ink cartridges have a smaller capacity. Compared with ordinary inks of the same capacity, the price is many times more expensive, and the procurement cost is relatively high.


  1. Ink type.


Handheld ink is not easy to dry, even if it is quick-drying ink, it takes several seconds or even more than ten seconds to completely dry, which will be affected by many factors such as product material (permeability), weather and humidity.


The functions and features of the hand-held inkjet printer:


  1. An integrated information input, processing and control system composed of a touch screen and a high-performance embedded ARM chipset as the core. At the same time, the inkjet printing technology of Cambridge, UK was introduced, and a stable inkjet printing system was formed with the encoder.


  1. Use the bearing V-shaped wheel in front of the print head to move gently on the product surface to easily complete the information printing and marking function.


  1. Ultra-light, compact, touch screen input can be completely separated from the computer, independent lithium battery power supply, safer and more convenient to use, not affected by power supply and venue, allowing you to make logos everywhere.


  1. The information printed by the 200dpi printing resolution is clear and regular, which greatly improves the appearance of the product.


  1. Scientific appearance structure design, not only beautiful, safe, high protection level and ergonomic design features, long-term use will not fatigue.


Handheld inkjet printer is widely used in the outer packaging of food, beverages, wine, etc., as well as various steel pipes, woven bags, gypsum boards because of its portable, large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, and customizable character height and size according to customer requirements. It can be used in workshops, warehouses, logistics and freight yards, offices, etc. It can print production date, job serial number, production shift number, anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling code (or invisible characters), company name, graphic icons, etc. Handheld printers are suitable for coding large or difficult-to-handle items.

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