Fully automated industrial inkjet printers

Fully automated industrial inkjet printers

The Advantages of Fully Automatic Inkjet Printers

Fully automatic industrial inkjet printers carry out real-time online identification and control of the production process of enterprises and respond quickly to changes in working conditions. For example, the production date packaging of products is very popular in the market, and it is obviously better than manual coding.

In our daily life, do we look at the production date on the product every time we buy an item? So, what is this device that prints the production date? It is the fully automatic inkjet printer that has played an important role in marking since its inception. On the basis of ensuring the quality of packaging, the fully automatic inkjet printer reduces manufacturing costs, labor costs, etc., and improves market competitiveness.


With the continuous development of mechanical technology, automatic inkjet printing machines are rapidly popularized today, and the application has been quite popular. Moreover, the fully automatic inkjet printer can not only print the production date, batch number, etc., but also mark barcodes and patterns, and store and manage the edited information.

Fully automated industrial inkjet printers

Since it can be connected to the production line during use, the fully automatic inkjet printer has the following advantages:

  1. Non-contact: Because it is an inkjet, it does not need to directly contact the surface of the work, and it will not damage the surface of the product.
  2. Fast speed: Take the production of soda cola as an example, the speed of recognition can reach more than 600 bottles per minute.
  3. It is easy to edit and modify the information: when editing the content, you can add date and time, batch number, variable data, etc. without connecting to a computer, and you can insert a U disk.

Fully automatic inkjet printers are mainly used for production and packaging-related markings such as continuous production, batch manufacturing, and batch processing. Small-character inkjet printers can work in different industrial environments, so the problems they face are different. There may be problems caused by excessive dust and humidity, which may cause unstable work or failure to start.

Fully automated industrial inkjet project

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