Features of Flying Laser Marking Machine

In recent years, laser printers have been widely used in soda water, beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, personal skin care products, daily necessities, tobacco, wine, and other industries. After several years of continuous improvement, the new generation of laser coding machines has more complete functions, more reliable performance, more stable operation, and more convenient installation.

The unique innovative technical advantages of laser printers are highlighted in the following aspects:

  • Reliability——Maintenance-free, long life, stable performance, no consumable materials, users can sit back and relax and use it with confidence;
  • Dexterity——Transforming the traditional laser machine from a behemoth weighing hundreds of kilograms into an intelligent system weighing less than 30 kilograms;
  • Energy-saving——No pollution, no noise, energy saving, and power saving.

The laser marking equipment prints a permanent mark that cannot be erased. It is directly vaporized on the surface of the object by the laser and can be distinguished by the naked eye without any auxiliary tools, which is convenient for consumers to identify. And no consumables, more convenient maintenance.

The laser printer breaks through the standardization and singleness of the traditional inkjet coding technology, creates a brand-new jetting method, highlights the product characteristics and brand differences, and enhances the competitiveness of the product in the increasingly fierce market. At the same time, it provides a powerful tool for shortening the product upgrading cycle and flexible production.

With the continuous development of electronic technology, laser and computer technology are organically combined, and users can realize laser jet output as long as the program is on the computer. It can also spray clear marks on several materials at the same time or on uneven surfaces.

The function of printing random codes or anti-counterfeiting codes by flying laser marking machine can also make each bottle of wine or each small wine bottle cap have a separate code, which can be directly identified, fast and easily, and information such as prices and promotions can also be printed on the packaging box of wine. This can effectively control the sales price of wine and prevent market fluctuations.

High-quality laser printers can also print various unalterable graphics, text, numbers, and other information at high speed and clearly on packaging of various materials (such as wine bottles, bottle caps, etc.); spray special marks (graphics, text, codes) on the products or outer packaging, or use the special function of laser coding to effectively prevent the circulation of counterfeit products, cross-regional sales, and fleeing goods; print number, barcode, destination and other information on product packaging and carton packaging, and connecting to the database system at the same time, can also realize flow tracking and cross-regional sales query and tracking of dealers, which is conducive to protecting the legitimate interests of manufacturers.

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