Application of UV inkjet printer on Clothing Tag

Now more and more clothing brands focus on design and brand promotion, so printing patterns and text on product signs has gradually become a common way. But in this process, we often encounter some problems, such as poor adhesion, easy fade, blur, slow speed, low productivity, high production cost, etc., so the application of UV inkjet printers is becoming more and more critical.

UV inkjet printer technology is a digital inkjet technology suitable for various materials, and it is also widely used in clothing tags. Compared with traditional printing methods, inkjet printing machine technology has many advantages, such as bright colors, clear images, strong durability, and can be used for inkjet printing on any material. In addition, its printing speed is also very fast, which is especially important for mass-produced clothing brands.

In the process of using an inkjet coding machine, special UV inks are required, which can be quickly cured under the irradiation of UV lamps to form a protective layer, thus protecting the pattern and characters on the label from abrasion and fading, and making the label more durable.

We can combine large format inkjet printers with smart label production lines in the printing solution of clothing tags. In this way, printing and label-making can be carried out at the same time, which is faster and more efficient. At the same time, the UV inkjet printer can also perform multi-color printing and high-precision image printing, which can ensure that the effect of the tag is more vivid and clear.

Some details that need to be paid attention to when printing hang tags with an inkjet coding machine. For example, label materials need to be sorted, and some materials may not be suitable for use with UV inkjet printer technology. In addition, it is necessary to train the commissioning and use of the inkjet printer to improve the skill level of the operator.

All in all, the application of online inkjet printers to inkjet printing of clothing tags can improve brand promotion effects and product quality. Of course, this requires enterprises to have a certain investment and technical support to gain a greater competitive advantage in the label printing process.

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